I just gave this blog a bit of a face-lift, so that motivated me to write a new post. Do you like the new look? I changed the theme to be more consistent with the designs of my records. Look to the right. I just added widgets for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Isn’t it great? I am integrating all of my social media! Hopefully, this will motivate me work less and participate in social media more.

I’ve spent the majority of my day today in a hotel working. I’m traveling for work this week. Although I feel like I haven’t been very active, now that I think about it, I’ve been busy. As I mentioned in my last post, things are moving forward with record number 3.  I just spent weekend prior to this one in Los Angeles to play another gig at Cinema Bar with my friends, Scott Gagner and Kevin Garrett. I think the gig went pretty well, but it was a whirlwind tour through LA, so I don’t remember too much of it.

Whole chicken at Kyo Chon.

Our order of a whole chicken at Kyo Chon with garlic and hot sauces.

Wait. That’s not true. I remember a lot. I had three solid Korean meals in the course of 24 hours. Upon arrival to LA, I went straight to Olympic Noodle to have their steamed dumplings, kimchee, and hand-cut noodle soup. It’s fantastic Korean comfort food. For dinner after the gig, I went to Kyo Chon. I’ve written about this chicken before. They changed their service a little bit. Now they have a dine-in service. The thing that hasn’t changed is the chicken. It was still rather spectacular. Overall I think it’s fortunate that I don’t live in LA. I’m not sure I have the self control to resist this place. On Sunday, we went to an early lunch in Pasadena at Goan, a Korean BBQ place. We managed to order a set meal and add to it some additional items. You can witness the first set of beef briskets hitting the grill. It was a thing of beauty. There was a lovely variety of pork bellies, beef rib eye, and marinated short rib, too.

Now that I am back from that LA trip, I feel compelled to initiate some new projects. I suppose I get into these moods every once in a while. Perhaps I’m wanting to start new projects because work has been really busy. I tend to think of these things when other thoughts are heavy on my mind. I’m not really enjoying being this busy with the things I’m doing at work. I’m looking for an escape.

Raw materials for the Reuben-caster.

Raw materials for the Reubencaster.

One project involves building a new guitar. Actually, that’s a bit misleading. I’m not going to be the one to build it. I’m asking Reuben Cox to build me a guitar for slide that’s based off of the famous Coodercaster. Lollar makes a version of the Supro/Valco/National string through steel guitar pickup used in the Coodercaster. We’re planning to put that in as well as something funky for the neck pickup. I’m not sure Reuben likes this name, but I’m referring to it as the Reubencaster. Yesterday afternoon, I went to a local music store to see if they had a cheap Strat that I could use for this project. After playing a few of the inexpensive Squire Strats, I found the one shown in the picture shown to the right. Apparently, the color is called “Daphne blue.” For a very reasonable price, I picked it up. The plan is to use this as a dedicated slide guitar with heavy gauge, flatwound strings and high action. It’s about time I had a proper slide guitar, and soon it will be. The next step involves me shipping this down to Reuben to let him work his magic. Stay tuned.

The other projects I am contemplating are not nearly as interesting, but important nonetheless. I’ve started a new focus on my personal health. I’ve let myself go. I have to fix me. I’m not planning on doing anything too dramatic. I just am refocusing attention on wellness. I’ve started to swim. I’ve never swam for exercise before. It’s kicking my ass, but I’m enjoying it. Maybe it will improve my breathing which will affect my singing? That would be cool. Maybe I can stop belly-aching about singing in ALL CAPS and just join in the crowd? Then I’d have to eat my words. Words are carb-heavy, so perhaps not.

I’m also starting to feel the pangs of need to write songs again. Some ideas are cycling around. I haven’t been playing guitar too much lately, but I picked one up the other morning and generated several ideas. I’m not quite there yet, but I’m close. It would be consistent with my previous behavior to start writing a new crop of songs just as this new record is getting ready to drop. No rest for the weary. Onward and upward!


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