Not Much To Say, But a New Record Is On Its Way

I actually don’t have very much to say. I just feel bad that it’s been so long since I’ve posted anything, so I thought I’d try to post something.

Airline acoustic with gold foil pickup

The new Airline acoustic with gold foil pickup

Well, there is this new guitar I picked up a few weeks ago. I wasn’t planning on it, but there it was and I couldn’t pass it up.

It’s an old Airline acoustic with a Teisco gold foil in it. It’s on “okay” sounding acoustic, but that gold foil sounds terrific. There was another one there, but this particular guy played better and sounded a little bit crisper. The high E string has a funky buzz to it that makes it sound like a really bad electric sitar. I need to learn how to play to that, but I haven’t put in the time just yet. I hope to be able to soon.

So this week, I got word that we should have the newest record mastered this week. That’s exciting news. I have spent a lot of time with the pre-mastering mixes and so I have gotten to know the record in that context really well. I have listened to some drafts of the mastered mixes and they really sound good. There’s some nice sparkle and shine to them. Among the Yellow Hope Project records thus far, this one is the one that could stand up strong to a bit of compression and EQ. The others were recorded so dry and live that we didn’t want to mess with that too much. Even though we recorded the vast majority of the songs live in the room, this new record has a bigger sound and was recorded on tape, so I think it’ll be nice to have pushed on the sound a bit.

Another big difference this time is that Jason and I aren’t physically present during the mastering. Since we heard about the sad news that Piety Studio closed down, Jason and I went about looking for another place to master this record. Jason suggested his friend, Bronson Tew, down in Mississippi. I trusted Jason on this and we made a good choice. Bronson has been really great to work with. He’s responded really quickly to our notes and he’s been able to really add some nice touches to the mixes. It’s a bit weird to not be there this go-around. I liked making that trip. It was an occasion. When it was done, I walked out with a physical object that was the record. This time it’s all emails, shared cloud folders, and text messages. It’s not a bad working situation. It’s just different. I miss the human interaction. Then again, for the Fifty Shades of Yellow mastering session, I was massively hungover, and I spent a good deal of time in the studio bathroom dealing. Perhaps I really don’t need to interact so much with other humans?

So the new record should be ready to drop very soon. I’ll do the normal thing — post it to bandcamp while I’m waiting for the physical CDs to be pressed. This time around, I think I’m going to order a limited number of CDs. Although I think this is my strongest record, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that it’s not going to sell too much. Now I’m not being poopy. I’ve just got some experience with this now. I definitely want to press some CDs because Scott’s design is really great and it came together well. It definitely needs to be. It just doesn’t need to be that many.

Regardless, I hope you will like the new record. I had a blast making it. I think that you can hear the band enjoying their performances in each of the songs. There are definitely some fun moments in there.  You’ll be hearing back from me soon.



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